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Calendar for Aesthetic Pruning Events

Upcoming events

No events available.

Past events

11/20/2022 APA Tree Talk with Bill Castellon: Training Pines (4th session in Pine series)
10/16/2022 New Professionals Meeting- Ergonomics and Movement Dynamics for Pruners
09/25/2022 APA Tree Talk with Michael Alliger: "Notes on Aesthetics and Pruning"
07/24/2022 New Professionals Meeting- Scheduling & Invoicing Clients
06/12/2022 APA Tree Talk: Olive Pruning with APA CAP Eric King
04/10/2022 New Professionals Meeting- Regional Plant Palettes
02/20/2022 APA Tree Talk: Wabi of the Winter Silhouette with Yuki Nara
12/09/2021 APA monthly board meeting
11/14/2021 APA Tree Talk with Bill Castellon: Training Pines (3rd session in Pine series)
10/17/2021 New Professionals Meeting- Your Pruning Plan and Pruning for the Big Picture
10/14/2021 APA monthly board meeting
09/08/2021 APA monthly board meeting
08/12/2021 APA monthly board meeting
08/08/2021 APA Tree Talk with Katherine Randolph: "Wildfire Preparedness"
07/11/2021 APA Tree Talk with Jocelyn Cohen: The Art of Pruning California Natives
07/08/2021 APA monthly board meeting
06/10/2021 APA monthly board meeting
06/06/2021 New Professionals Meeting- Creative Solutions "Turning a problem into an opportunity in your business”
05/02/2021 APA Tree Talk with Maryann Lewis: Design in Trees
04/18/2021 Please Join Us- New Professionals Meeting- Building Your Pruning Business
03/14/2021 APA Tree Talk with Grant Foerster: A Look at Creativity
02/21/2021 Please Join Us- New Professionals Meeting- Client Relations
01/10/2021 APA Tree Talk:The Art of Fruit Tree Pruning with Wendy Krupnick
12/12/2020 APA Virtual Tree Talk: Bill Castellon- Training a Young Pine- Part 2
12/06/2020 APA New Professionals Meeting Sunday 12/6
10/04/2020 APA Virtual Tree Talk on the History of the Japanese Garden at Lake Merritt
09/27/2020 APA Social Hour
09/22/2020 APA New Professionals meeting
09/10/2020 APA monthly board meeting
08/26/2020 APA Social Hour
08/13/2020 APA monthly board meeting
07/09/2020 APA monthly board meeting
04/09/2020 APA monthly board meeting
03/12/2020 APA monthly board meeting
02/13/2020 APA monthly board meeting
01/26/2020 Annual APA Meeting
01/09/2020 APA monthly board meeting
12/12/2019 APA monthly board meeting
12/08/2019 APA New Professionals meeting
08/08/2019 APA monthly board meeting
07/28/2019 Sara Malone Tree Talk and Garden Tour featuring Dwarf Conifers
07/15/2019 New Professionals Meeting
07/11/2019 APA monthly board meeting
06/29/2019 Dennis' Garden Tree Walk
06/25/2019 New Professionals Meeting
06/20/2019 APA monthly board meeting
06/07/2019 Cal Sailing Club pruning pines
06/07/2019 Lake Merritt Japanese Garden - Maintenance
06/01/2019 Lakeside Park Torii Landscape (pruning, workshop)
05/30/2019 Tree Talk by Yuki Nara
05/18/2019 Berkeley Higashi Honganji Buddhist Temple Garden pruning
05/18/2019 Shinzen Japanese Garden pruning - Fresno
05/14/2019 APA Tree Walk at Osmosis Day Spa and Sanctuary
04/27/2019 Business Bootcamp

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